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 Saturday, 04 February, 2023
Welcome to MAINS SAL Insurance and Reinsurance Co.

Our love for the insurance industry and our desire to be the very best we can be, drive us to do our part to add true value in what we do. We at MAINS SAL are committed to make a difference in the insurance industry.


Our business philosophy is based on providing not only risk protection but rather assuring our clients the best service in a dynamic approach. 


Backed up with 34 years of solid risk carrying experience, technical knowledge, claims expertise, logistical competence and financial stability, our team – “Personnel, Brokers & Agents”- undertake to provide the clients with adequate and suitable insurance policies that best protect their interest at reasonable premiums.


Our role starts with providing our risk assessment services, risk management solutions and then to propose and to grant the suitable insurance covers.


This business strategy has assisted us greatly with our efforts to have our clients and business partners understand clearly whom we are and what we are trying to do. 


Broad details of the various types of insurances offered by our company are presented in this website. 

We at MAINS SAL will be always at your disposal for any additional advice or clarification that you may desire and for this we have spread our network & existence to cover all Lebanon.




Yahya Al Halwani

  Why choose MAINS?

As a prudent professional risk carrier, MAINS SAL assures you of the         following:


Innovative insurance solutions.
Vast range of insurance products.
Cost optimization.
Security with peace of mind.